Lera Fadeeva
ECLAB is unique and majorly as a community – I have never met before people with so much varied views and opinions, both students and faculty members. The brightest impression of study at ECLAB is friendship. Each moment spent in ECLAB community was precious. 
Maria Kirilchik
ECLAB studies provided me with a possibility to formulate and ask questions first of all to myself on a range of topics: society, politics, history, culture, daily life, systems, processes and notions which are not abstract as I used to think before and which are the very atmosphere and the basis to form our “here and now”. It is important to understand that if anybody has already replied these questions, it does not mean we should not ask them again.
Anna Kazakova
I am happy that I have had a chance to meet all the people who I closely worked with at classes and engage into extracurricular activities during the academic year. I think that a desire to communicate with one another outside the college classes is one of the main indication of the project success.
Marina Moisienya
What does study at ECLAB give you? Apart of critical thinking and new optics for contemporary art analysis, I’ve gained a tremendously precious experience of collective group work. Lectures and workshops, discussions and creative assignments – all this is a part of ECLAB study.
Kristina Grekova
Studies at ECLAB have provided me with lots of impressions. Getting experience of the kind, one realizes that everything is not lost in our country and, what’s more, one gets an idea that we are heading into the right direction. Thanks a lot!
Yulia Mironova
My studies at ECLAB helped me to reframe everything I had learned before. The major difference from a conventional educational system is teaching to think critically, reflecting and finding answers together with other people.
Yulia Zanemonskaya
Topics studied during the classes have impalpably entered my ordinary life, transformed my surroundings, shifting my attitude towards numerous phenomena. I’ve learned not to be afraid of changes and met people, whom I could fairly treat as friends.
Aleksandr Krutko
Peter Schjeldahl, an American critic, once said that he can understand texts and discussions  but cannot understand lectures which, in his opinion, are something between a casual composition and obsessive idle talk. Texts and discussions are the basis of learning at ECLAB.
Elena Yaschenko
The brightest impression I got at ECLAB is a master class on holding public discussions and the discussion itself. As well as the concierges’ fears that we would stay at the classroom till the next morning :).
Anna Volynets
During my studies at ECLAB I was certain in being surrounded by deeply interested, passion-driven in their narrow field of expertise (and thus beautiful) people. Lecturers as well as students are highly motivated here.
Yulia Knyaz
ECLAB creates a good ground for communication, studies, development of new ideas, and realization of projects.