Discussion on the Historical Past in Belarus

Is there any public space in Belarus meant for the discussion on the historical past? If there is, then what topics are discussed? why and how is the discussion organized?

At the beginning of the 1990-s the main topic for the historical discussion in Belarus was Stalin’s repressions and the Soviet past. Today little attention is paid to these issues. Is it a sign of the end of the Soviet past? Does it happen because the society is tired of some historical topics? Are we victims of manipulation of the historical memory?

How can one explain constant rewriting of History textbooks in independent Belarus? Why are we still struggling to find appropriate historical persons to call them Belarusian national heroes? Are traumatic periods of the Belarusian history discussed in public? Is there any political influence in historical debates? What impact do relations with neighboring countries: Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine have on the image of the historical past?

There can be a multitude of reasons and triggers for discussion on the historical past.  During the course we will try to understand how they are determined by Belarusian political, social, cultural, and other frameworks.