European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus (ECLAB) allows students to obtain additional education within the Liberal Arts Education framework.


ECLAB is created as informal alternative to the system of higher education existing in Belarus which inherited a range of shortcomings from the Soviet epoch.  Despite all the changes of the past 20 years, the educational system is rigid. The Liberal Arts Education model includes, on the contrary, an individual academic schedule which encompasses both a wide selection of academic subjects and deep research in the chosen areas.


The main difference of the Liberal Arts program from the traditional system of Belarusian education is its focus on a students’ individual choice, usage  of teaching interactive technologies, dialogue-based teaching model (instead of usual dictation) as well as chances for active communication with the teaching staff.


Students have the right for choosing courses in line with their area of expertise. On choosing a certain concentration – a set of basic courses- they can select additional courses from other concentrations. It allows any student to create an individual academic schedule and receive a unique set of competences.